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healthlovewealthJanuary 23, 2010

It was the inscription on a pewter plate that my wife and I got as a wedding present. For years the plate sat on my dresser and collected/dispensed the coins I carried in my pocket; consequently, I saw that Celtic blessing twice a day.

The plate disappeared (along with a very nice Fender Stratocaster) through a door of our rural home we didn’t bother to lock but I never forgot the inscription…

Whoa, Hold On a Second; I Have Cancer!

February 17, 2014

chemo drugsJoan and I were led to examination room #21 and told that the doctor would be right with us. “Right” is doc-speak for 20 minutes.

As he entered and we exchanged greetings I noticed that he wasn’t smiling. That put me into a brief panic but then I remembered he never smiled. The doc settled into a chair across from where I was sitting, awaiting the verdict.

As he spoke he looked down at some papers he held in his hand rather than looking at the other two humans in the room-this did not bode well.

“We’ve evaluated the results of the CT scan, PET scan, blood tests and the needle biopsy you received. Mr. Grinkmeyer, you have cancer.”

In that instant everything changed, including this blog. I decided to concentrate on writing about my experiences with this dreaded disease in order to help my readers to prepare for a near inevitability-to learn that they, or someone they love, has been stricken with this mysterious, frightening, and sometime deadly malady. You may begin following my adventures with all things cancer here: http://www.health-love-wealth.com/cancer/

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