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Extreme Makeover: Midlife Crisis Edition

I lost my job in February of 2009, 2 months after my 58th birthday; now that’s a midlife crisis! I didn’t really like the job very much, nor had I liked any job I’d had very much since I first started selling stuff when I was 25 years old. I knew that this was a pivotal point in my life and decided that getting fired was a good thing. And with that attitude in mind I began looking for a way to joyously earn a living for the rest of my working life.

For the last 11 months I’ve been living on borrowed money while searching for a way to pay the bills.

I think I’ve found it but I’m now living on borrowed time, too. I need to start earning money and I need to do it fast. So I’ve decided to combine my quest for personal freedom and financial security with attempting to find an answer to a question that I’ve pondered for years: “Can people change?”

Of course people can change, they do it all the time. Drunks become sober, addicts get clean, men become women and street people go from homeless in the street to a penthouse office on Wall Street. But that kind of change doesn’t happen often. And it doesn’t happen without seismic shifts in the way people see and think about themselves. Fundamental change is hard but it can happen; and it must happen to me—fast.

I have 30 days to turn my midlife crisis into an extreme makeover.

In that period of time I must become a successful Internet Marketer. In 30 days I must be able to look at my wife and tell her “Yes, this thing I’ve been working on will work! We are not going to lose the house; we are not going to have to file for bankruptcy; we will retire with comfort, ease and lots of money. Find something else to worry about, if you must. Money is no longer, and never again will be, a problem.” And I might just drop 10 pounds to boot!

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**Update 4/27/2010: I’ve returned to my old career and joined the sales staff at Terry Lee Honda in Avon, IN.

“Health, Love and Wealth…”

healthlovewealthIt was the inscription on a pewter plate that my wife and I got as a wedding present. For years the plate sat on my dresser and collected/dispensed the coins I carried in my pocket; consequently, I saw that Celtic blessing twice a day. The plate disappeared (along with a very nice Fender Stratocaster) through a door of our rural home we didn’t bother to lock but I never forgot the inscription that seemed to pretty well sum up what happiness was all about.

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