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AMFMAD*-So What Are We Working Towards Here?

(*”Affiliate Marketing For Middle-Aged Dummies”–and that’s the last time I’m writing it out!)

Before I continue with our discussion on niche selection I’d like to give my readers (MADs) a look at what an affiliate marketing site might look like. Obviously, the appearance of your storefront is limited only by your imagination but the template that I use is simple, to the point and very functional.

Check it out here: Electric Guitar Lessons

There is a lot going on here and in the coming weeks we’ll use this site as an example of what you can do to make money while hanging out in your pajamas. (And please remember that it is copyrighted; if you steal any of my stuff I’ll find out and you’ll hear from my lawyer.) For now I want you to notice two things.

First is the product and next is the store from which I sell said product. See all those articles and product reviews? Those items are what I use to attract people to my store.  Titles like “How to Read Guitar Tabs” and “2 Basic Bass Guitar Scales” aren’t just descriptive. They contain words or phrases that I’ve researched to find that they are reasonably well searched and relatively low in competition. For example, if you search Google for “basic bass guitar scales” you’ll find one of Google’s page 1 results is a link to my article on the topic.

But keyword research is a topic that deserves a post or 12 all to itself. For now, check out the site, read some articles, watch the video and if you’re moved to do so–buy Jamorama from me!