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Promote Your Site By Building Links

One of the most important aspects of successful IM’ing is driving traffic to your store/website. After all, what good is a place of business if no one shows up to purchase your goods or services? I have a little gizmo that tells me where a site ranks when I log onto it. It only shows the first 25,000,000; after that it just shows a message “no rank”. I have seen some absolute “Taj Mahal” looking websites that undoubtedly cost thousands of dollars to build that certainly never see a visitor (if you’re over the 25 million mark you’re pretty much invisible). So how do you get people through your door?

Begin by building credibility for your site. One of the best ways to do that is to have other sites link to yours. For instance, here are a few sites that I own:

Repair Your Relationship
Electric Guitar Lessons
House Training A Dog
Stop Smoking Easily

And here is a link to a site I do some SEO work for:

Zionsville Dentist Suzanne Germain

What’s happening here is that this site is recommending those sites to its readers. There are other things that come into play here, specifically the credibility of the site doing the recommending. For instance, this site has a bit of Google page rank; that’s Google’s view of the importance of this page. It’s a scale fro 0-10 and this site is a “0”, which is decidedly better than the millions and millions of sites that have no page rank at all.

As to how you can build links to your sites, that’s a topic that deserves considerably more discussion than I’m able to allot time for right now. But here’s a hint–blog posts.